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  • Increasing Access to America's Languages
    Dataset of Model Programs & Practices A product of the AMERICA'S LANGUAGES INITIATIVE


This Portal presents model programs and practices demonstrating how more of this nation's learners can have equitable access to more of America's Languages.

These are a limited set of exampes of some of the ways forwards towards this goal.

They give us the optimisim that we can do better in providing the benefits of bilingualism and language learning to all of America's learners. 

Search and share what you find with your colleagues and community.

Who we are
We are the America's Languages Working Group, educators and stakeholders, who coordinate the "America's Languages Initiative," which includes this America's Languages Portal.


What we do
We show how EQUITABLE ACCESS ro America's Languages is available to historically underserved bilingual and disadvantaged monolingual populations.

Why we do this
All learners in the United States should have EQUITABLE ACCESS to any language they want to learn and in a way that  meets their needs and aspirations.

Programs we showcase
The programs here demonstrate successfu practices that increase ACCESS to more of America's languages to more of America's learners.

Application and Selection
Programs complete this application which is reviewed and approved by experiences language educators.

Our goal
Improved ACCESS to LANGUAGE EDUCATION which directly supports a more socially just system of education in the United States.