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PK - 12 Programs

Institutional Characteristics

Type of geographic area where school is located

School characteristics

Percent free and reduced lunch eligible students

Access for All Learners in More Languages

Recruit historically underserved learners

Teacher profile matches students

Languages Added in Past 5 year

Accountability Through Transparency and Documentation

Publish description of program goals and requirements

Publicize efforts to increase historically underserved student enrollments

Publicize definition of student success

Years of language offered

Levels of language offered

Additional Keys to Access and Accountability

Recruit teachers from historically underserved learner communities

Teachers mirror the population of students

Offer immersion language learning opportunities

Have partnerships with public, private or non-profit organizations

  • Walnut HIll, a two-time National Blue Ribbon School is known for a tradition of excellence in student achievement that comes from the high expectations that teachers have for their students and for themselves, as well as refining … Read More
  • The youngest immersion option in Lafayette, LA, Mandarin Chinese, is one of the USA's "critical languages."
    At Middlebrook, we learn and appreciate Chinese language and culture with native speakers. Our … Read More
  • Mesita ECDC/Elementary's efforts include aggressively seeking and serving students who have historically been underserved or under-identified such as English Learners, economically disadvantaged students, and children of … Read More
  • LaSalle Language Academy is a public K-8 elementary school in Chicago. All students study languages on a daily basis. LaSalle offers language programming in four languages: Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, and French. Students start … Read More
  • Desert Willow started the first 50/50 Spanish Immersion program in Arizona more than 16 years ago and continues to be a leader in Immersion programs in the state. Over half of our students participate in the immersion program … Read More
  • Baton Rouge Foreign Language Academic Immersion Magnet (FLAIM) is a Kindergarten through 5th grade international, national, and state award-winning public magnet school. FLAIM is an academic school with the theme of immersion. … Read More
  • At the heart of Oyster-Adams and the key to our success is our schoolwide dual-language program, developed and improved over 50 years. We are the longest-standing such program in DC and one of the oldest in the nation where … Read More
  • FPG Bilingüe's Mission is to develop bilingual, bilterate, and critically conscious students that are prepared to engage, contribute, and lead in the communities that surround them both near and far. We follow an immersion … Read More
  • The Denver Language School (DLS) is Colorado's only K-8 early total language immersion charter school offering both Chinese and Spanish. It is located in Denver, CO and has two campuses serving 890 students. DLS opened in … Read More
  • The Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science in Kentucky is an 11th/12th grade publicly-funded program. Through a selective process, 100 Kentuckians per grade are accepted. Students are selected from all walks of life, from … Read More
  • Allen Jay Elementary serves over 440 students from different parts of the world. We strive to provide teaching and learning opportunities that promote critical thinking and develop positive interpersonal skills. We believe that … Read More
  • Jordan-Matthews High School, located in rural NC, is a DL/I continuation program that strives to offer 50% of the school day in Spanish for the DL/I cohort. Approximately 18% of our 881-member student body participates in the DL … Read More